Why Us

Relish Fire Private Limited (RFPL) (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) provides the complete FIRE Saftey & Security Solutions like fire suppressing, covering and vanishing fire from the area and its nook and corner, delicate equipments like storage data’s and information on your systems, server, valuable documents and other industrial appliances, all types of infrastructure etc., Join Relish Fire company and become part of our organization.

Relish Fire (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) provides high-quality products and services. We protect our customers’ lives, staff and property; they are confident that they are in safe hands. Our staff is trained to provide a high-quality service. When choosing a company for your fire and life safety needs, you should carefully vet the company to make sure they are properly licensed and bonded.

You should also remember that segments of the industry, such as the portable fire extinguisher sector, are heavily regulated. Legitimate companies will go above and beyond what the rules and regulations require of them. We ensure our customers are legally compliant, and we always give clear and justified reasons for our recommendations in line with British Standards.