Fire Suits

We offer wide variety of Fire Suits like Fire Proximity Suit , Fire Nomex Suit , Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit and Fire Approach Suit that is widely used by the fire fighting service men who takes active part in fire extinguishing process , These suits are specially designed in order to give complete safety from the heat and other factors . We offer Nomex fire suits , fire proximity suit and fire entry suits in various sizes and ensured of complete safety in any fire condition , The Fire Suits can also be customized as per the specifications provided by the clients . Our range includes :

Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit are designed for rescue operations and places where there are hazards and people operating in excessive temperature ranging 800-1000 degree celcious . the outer layer of these aluminized suit being aluminized helps to reflect more than 90% heat thereby helping the rescuer to prolong the stay near fire comfortably .

Company's reliable fire entry suits add four robust layers of protection between the firefighter and the flames , Tough heat resistant fibers such as Nomex, Kevlar and PBI Gold help firefighters move in and out of the fire without big risk .

A fire proximity suit (also , silvers, silver bunker suit , or asbestos suit) is a suit designed to protect a firefighter from high temperatures , especially near fires of extreme temperature such as aircraft fires . They were first designed and used in the all time . Originally made of asbestos fabric , current models use vacuum-deposited aluminized materials .

Nomex and related aramed polymers are related to nylon , but have aromatic backbones , and hence are more rigid and more durable . Nomex is the premier example of a meta variant of the aramids (Kevlar is a para aramid). Unlike Kevlar, Nomex cannot align during filament formation and has poorer strength . However , it has excellent thermal , chemical , and radiation resistance for a polymer material