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Fire Safety Tips for the Workplace

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No modern day office is complete without adequate fire safety protection in place. Here are a few fire safety tips to keep your workplace and staff safe from fire.

This Is Why Fire Alarm Design Should Be Left To The Professionals

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It can be very tempting to accept the cheaper quote for a Fire Alarm System, especially from a trusted Electrical Contractor.However, paying less to get an electrician to install a Fire Alarm System could be more hassle than you know.Electricians aren't always trained and fully versed in Fire Safety Legislation, which means issues with their installations often arise.In the following case, in addition to ignorance of legislation, the problem lay with commissioning the equipment.A business we worked with a few years ago in Essex had a new Fire Alarm System installed by an Electrical Contractor who was also carrying out their Electrical Installation. The business didn't want to pass up the opportunity to save some money but little did they know the trouble they were in for...


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For most of us our home is our sanctuary, our personal fortress where we are safe and relax but if you are a smoker that might not be true for you. Did you know that fires due to smoking materials and smoking indoors is the most common cause of fire? There are so many ways you can accidentally burn a house down with a cigarette. We’ve all heard some horror stories. “He” fell asleep in the easy chair and the lit cigarette fell to the carpet and ignited the whole house in seconds. breitling bentley barnato replica “She” leaned the cigarette on the window ledge or counter’s edge and it rolled off.

He thought he put it out, but obviously not well enough, and plucked it in the yard or the trash can. He was drunk, smoking, and fell asleep on the couch. She was doing drugs and passed out with a burning cigarette in bed. He threw it out the window of the car into a dry field near some homes. Leave the cigarette burning in an ashtray and the cat or dog could knock it over, or some wind could blow some paper onto it. The real stories go on and on. Imagine, every other house fire that Audemars Piguet Replica Watches firefighters respond to is caused by an unattended lit cigarette, and just why do they burn so hot for so long? Therein lies the rub.

Who NOT To Hire For Your Emergency Lights Installation!

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Emergency Lights are a vital component of your commercial Fire Safety System and, without proper installation and maintenance, you could be jailed or fined. It's that simple. This means it is absolutely vital to choose the right person for the job. Did you know that, if a fireman enjoys DIY and decides to pursue the commercial installation of Emergency Lights, there's no formal qualification requirement to stop him from doing so.The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order states only that the individual must be 'competent'... but there's no law to define what competent is!.The school asked for time to ponder on the quote and, in the meantime, looked elsewhere. They found a fireman who quoted only. With all the financial pressures being endured by schools in the current economic climate, they chose the less expensive option offered by the fireman.

Safety at places where you pray for safety!

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Religious centers are places where people feel the safest. Whether it’s a religious celebration, a certain time of the year or even any random day, there are always people inside. Knowledge at Work provides a library of workplace safety articles for you and your organization to read, share, and print for reference. Workplace safety is UL Workplace Health & Safety’s focus and mission, so we ensure that Environment Health and Safety experts throughout the industry highlight workplace safety tips in each article they write, with your health and safety in mind.