Water Based Fire Extinguisher

Relish Fire water fire extinguisher suitable for A-rated fires only . Water extinguishers come in many forms , The standard water unit operates as a jet and is best suited for longer distance while water spray units offer a more controllable spray action but are restricted to close proximity , Some water extinguishers carry additives to assist the operation claiming to break down the water to allow better wetting while others are pure water , Water fire extinguishers work by cooling the fire , so removing the heat element from the fire triangle , At Relish Fire , we use pure water units as they are environmentally friendly containing only water and nitrogen , Our range includes both jet and spray and our most purchased is the 6ltr water spray extinguisher which is safe for accidental discharge on live electrics , a quite unique device as normally this claim is associated with water additive units .

Water fire extinguishers are often paired with 2kg Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers providing protection against class A and B fires.

Relish Fire water fire extinguishers are supplied new and filled and complete with bracket and can quickly and easily be wall mounted or placed on a floor stand .

Relish Fire Water fire extinguishers are stored pressure extinguishers meaning that they are supplied ready filled and pressurized .

They also feature an easy to read pressure gauge, The pressure gauge helps to ensure that the fire extinguisher is safe for use : if it is pressurized and ready for use , the pressure gauge will be in the green zone . If it has lost pressure , the reading will be in the red zone and requires remedial attention .

How do water fire extinguishers work ?
Water is an effective cooling agent which works by absorbing heat from a fire . All Relish Fire water fire extinguishers are new and are supplied fully filled and ready to use, All fire extinguishers are supplied new and boxed , It is the responsibility of the user to ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order 2005 .

Where to use water fire extinguishers ?
Water Fire Extinguishers are ideal for use in the home, office or workplace including warehouses and industrial units .

What type of fires do water fire extinguishers combat ?
Water Fire Extinguishers fight Class A Fires . Class A fires are fires involving solid materials such as paper , wood and plastic etc . Water Fire Extinguishers are NOT suitable for combating fires that involve electrical equipment.

Is water fire extinguisher environmentally friendly?
Yes! Plain water fire extinguishers that do not have any additives are one of the most eco and environmentally friendly fire extinguishers as they are filled with nothing but pure water ! This means that when the water fire extinguisher require test discharge and refill every five years then the water that needs to be disposed of from the extinguisher can simply be poured away .